The Director’s Teaching Philosophy

June Taylor’s School of Dance was founded by our prestigious and internationally accredited teacher, June Taylor-Dixon. “Miss June” has carefully selected a teaching faculty with accreditation in extensive teacher training as well as professional dancing and teaching experience. They teach with the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), a special teaching method developed with the knowledge of children’s developmental stages. This allows young dancers to progress at a rate to which their bodies can safely grow and improve. Miss June strongly believes the study of physical anatomy and child psychology is a fundamental part of a teacher’s education. She and her staff regularly attend teacher courses to continuously refine and improve their teaching knowledge. Under her directorship, her staff works together to follow a carefully planned syllabus in such a way that is appropriate for all body types. Each student has different natural giftings, but Miss June focuses on individual improvement according to each student’s physical ability and learning style.