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RAD Achievements +

RAD Genee International Ballet Competition

The Genee International Ballet Competition is a prestigious event in the same league as the Prix de Lausanne. It is open to RAD Ballet students who have passed their Advanced 2 Examination with distinction or have been awarded their Solo Seal. In September 2014  JTSD students Allison MacMillan, Elyssa Adams, and Sarah Taylor competed at the Genée International Ballet Competition  in Antwerp, Belgium! […]

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RAD Dance Challenge 2016

Seven JTSD students competed in the first R.A.D. Dance Challenge to be held in the U.S.A. The competition was held at Santa Clara University in Jan Jose. There were seventy-three competitors participating in four divisions based on their level of R.A.D. training. Dancers came from California, Arizona, Colorado and Oregon to participate. Our students performed beautifully […]

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National Tap Day 2016

National Tap Dance Day, 2016 was celebrated in Portland on Saturday, May 28.Miss Rachel and a handful of Tap 4 students participated in a variety of NTDD classes at the Grand Finale Dance Studio in Gladstone, OR . In the evening, a showcase of tappers from around the Portland metro area shared their talents at […]

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