Special Events


1. Michelle Oakman takes the RAD Solo Seal Examination

2.  RAD Solo Seal Examination – February 2017

3. RAD Teachers Workshop, Toronto – August 2016

4. How our students spent their Summer of 2015

5.  RAD Solo Seal examination in February 2014

6.  RAD Genee International Ballet Competition

7.  2016 RAD Dance Challenge – Santa Clara CA

8.  National Tap Day

9.  2016 RAD Dance Challenge – Vancouver BC

10.  Summer 2016 Special Dance Instruction Programs


Michelle Oakman takes the RAD Solo Seal examination

We are so very proud of JTSD student Michelle Oakman, who entered for her Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal examination award (the highest level of RAD pre-professional examinations) on March 9, 2018 and performed brilliantly.  Miss June says Michelle was awesome! Congratulations and well done, Michelle!





RAD Solo Seal Examination – February 2017

A big congratulations to Lauren Wattenburg who entered for her Solo Seal examination – the highest  Royal Academy of Dance  exam – on February 24th, 2017, at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Vancouver, B.C.!  The Solo Seal performance award is the highest RAD examination, and it is only open to students who have received Distinction for their Advanced 2 exam.  This exam is performed in front of two examiners and a live audience making it a very special and powerful experience for the dancers as well as the teachers, coaches, family, and peers who support them.  Lauren works extremely hard, commuting from Bend, OR, each week for classes.  We are all very proud of Lauren, and thankful for our JTSD founder and artistic school director, June Taylor-Dixon, who inspires and makes it possible for each student to achieve her or his goals to the fullest!



R.A.D. Teachers Workshop, Toronto Ontario Canada

August 2016

By June Taylor-Dixon

Inspired and rewarded Miss Rachel and I returned home this week after a four day workshop sponsored by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for dance teacher training.  Teachers with various backgrounds attended from all over the world.

It was amazing!   I have attended many conferences on dance throughout the world and this was the best.  The variety of the offered classes, the expert instructors and lecturers, the organization and attention to detail all within an atmosphere of camaraderie was, in my opinion, without fault. 

For me the highlight was a pirouette class taught by Li Cunxin, star of Mao’s Last Dance.  Li is currently a vice president of the Royal Academy of Dance and the Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet, Australia.  Just when you think you know everything about teaching pirouettes Li comes along, still able to execute 6 to 8 turns himself with ease, offering tips and solutions on problems in turning.  Li continually spoke about the importance of bringing out the best in all students.  He urged all teachers to push for the best that all of our dancers can be, through discipline and persistence, because these dancers may become our future professionals.  He reflected on his own experience as a student and appreciated the attention to excellence which made him what he has become.

I then changed gears and took a modern class from Stacey Tookey – what an experience that was!  I managed to get through the warm up and then bowed out and watched Miss Rachel take the rest of the class while I madly took notes, not on the choreography but on the way in which Stacey was able to get the best out of her class with specific direction and encouragement. 

Dame Lynn Wallis, Artistic Director of the RAD and recently presented with an OBE for her work with The Academy, taught 3 consecutive sessions on ballet technique.  I have always admired Ms Wallis for her depth of knowledge and her incredible accomplishments in the promotion of the teaching of ballet.  Lynn Wallis recently orchestrated and choreographed the wonderful new syllabus we are now teaching.  In all Ms Wallis’ sessions we were required to participate physically and verbally.  I felt that I was back taking my teachers exam again.  We were challenged and put on the spot.  It was a great wake up call for everyone. Even teachers can become complacent and inaccurate when teaching technique which can result in poor students and injuries.

There were so many choices of classes and lectures.  I even found a class on how to incorporate autistic children into your dance class.  I learned so much and look forward to passing the information on to my teachers so we can help our students in communicating with their instructors and with each other.

I look forward to the next conference.  Continual Professional Development is a requirement to sustain your RAD Teachers Certification.  This is a great way to help achieve this.  Thank you RAD

Miss June

Miss June

Miss June & Miss Rachel

Miss June & Miss Rachel


How our students spent their Summer of 2015


 RAD Solo Seal examination was held in February, 2014

The Solo Seal is the highest Vocational Graded examination of the Royal Academy of Dance, and is only open only to students who have received Distinction for their Advanced 2 exam. This exam focuses on the dancer’s ability to perform with strong technique, precise musicality, and dynamic artistry. It includes three solo variations, which have been selected to meet the stylistic and movement demands of today’s choreographers and Top-1_edited-2directors. The Solo Seal Award is not like other exams that take place in the studio. Solo Seal is performed on stage before an invited audience and a panel of judges, which normally consists of a Vocational examiner and a current or former professional dancer from a ballet company, approved by the artistic director of the dancer’s school. JTSD 8 16 13-EDITED-0009 JTSD student Rachel David took her Solo Seal examination in Vancouver, B.C. on February 28th.  The Solo Seal performance award is the highest Royal Academy of Dance examination, and is only open to students who have received Distinction for their Advanced 2 exam. The exam focuses on the dancer’s ability to perform with strong technique, precise musicality, and dynamic artistry. The Solo Seal exam is performed on stage in a theatre before an audience and a panel of judges. This year’s judges were Cynthia Fisher and Marquita Witham-Lester.   We are very proud of Rachel and the hard work and dedication she has shown to reach this level!

RAD Genee International Ballet Competition

The Genee International Ballet Competition is a prestigious event in the same league as the Prix de Lausanne. It is open to RAD Ballet students who have passed their Advanced 2 Examination with distinction or have been awarded their Solo Seal.
In September 2014  JTSD students Allison MacMillan, Elyssa Adams, and Sarah Taylor competed at the Genée International Ballet Competition  in Antwerp, Belgium! Last year, recent JTSD alum Amelia Bryan competed at the Genée in Glasgow and found it to be a fantastic experience. In 2008, JTSD alum Jasmine Brown was a finalist at the Genée International Competition in Toronto, and Cameron Purandare (nee Smith), who later became a member of the Houston Ballet corps de ballet and then was a principal dancer with Ballet Memphis and Ballet Florida, was the only American Genée finalist in 1991 when the competition was held  in London. The Genée began in 1931 and has since then become one of the most prestigious international competitions in the world. Just to be considered an eligible candidate for the competition is a great honor in itself, as the Genée is only open to dancers who have passed their Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 2 examination with Distinction or have been presented with the Solo Seal Award. We are very proud of the drive, talent, and passion these young dancers have shown and continue to show as they pursue their personal artistic goals. 




2016 RAD Dance Challenge – Santa Clara CA

Seven JTSD students competed in the first R.A.D. Dance Challenge to be held in the U.S.A.

The competition was held at Santa Clara University in Jan Jose. There were seventy-three competitors participating in four divisions based on their level of R.A.D. training.  Dancers came from California, Arizona, Colorado and Oregon to participate.

Our students performed beautifully and did us all proud.  Melanie Labs won first prize in level 3 and was awarded a trophy. Miss June received many complements about our dancers from several teachers and examiners who were there to observe. It was a wonderful experience for all and we all learned at great deal.

RAD Challenge-Santa Clara CA-Jan 2016

RAD Challenge-Santa Clara CA-Jan 2016


 National Tap Day 2016

National Tap Dance Day, 2016 was celebrated in Portland on Saturday, May 28.Miss Rachel and a handful of Tap 4 students participated in a varietyof NTDD classes at the Grand Finale Dance Studio in Gladstone, OR .In the evening, a showcase of tappers from around the Portland metro area shared their talents at the Camp Withycombe National Guard Armory theatre.


2016 RAD Dance Challenge – Vancouver BC

Congrats to our JTSD students, Sarah Valesano and Lauren Wattenburg, who danced beautifully this Memorial Day at the Royal Academy of Dance – Canada‘s Dance Challenge competition in Vancouver, B.C.! And congrats to Lauren, who placed first in the Division D Advanced 1 and 2 level! We are so proud of these girls and their beautiful tenacity and support for one another. They lead by example with hard work, determination, poise, and grace. Well done, Sarah and Lauren!











8. Summer 2016 Special Dance Instruction Programs

Summer is a great time to get a head start on next year’s ballet class.  It’s also the perfect time to try a new style of dance.  June Taylor’s School of Dance has several options for you:

SUMMER TERM (July 5-30)

We offer a full array of classes during the month of July.  We strongly encourage all of our students to attend ballet class whenever possible during the summer.  It is hard to remember everything we learned this year if you take the entire summer off.  In addition, the newer RAD syllabus has so much more to learn and our older students are much more successful if we can start learning technique this summer.  Going on vacation during the month of July? – we are happy to prorate your tuition so that you only pay for those classes that you can attend!  Just let us know when you anticipate missing class when you turn in your registration and we will adjust your tuition accordingly.

PRINCESS CAMP (July 11-15)

Our extremely popular Princess Camp (for students ages 4-6 years old) has a couple of spots open due to some last minute cancellations.  If you have a dancer who loves stories of princes and princesses, and who enjoys imaginative play, crafts, and dancing with friends, this is the camp for you!  Come to the studio every morning from 9:00am – 11:00am for a fun-filled camp.  Registration forms are available by clicking the link for the Princess Camp on the Calendar page of our website. 

SUMMER DANCE CAMP (August 15-19)

Come join us for at this camp designed specifically for children ages 6-12 years old.  Every morning from 9:30am – 12:30pm, we will have fun learning ballet, tap, jazz, and acting.  Students are broken into smaller classes based on age and ability so that there is something for everyone to learn.  Registration for this camp is due by Monday July 18 and registration forms are available by clicking the link for Dance Camp on the Calendar page of our website.


The JTSD Junior Summer Intensive is a wonderful opportunity for dancers who are at least 10 years old and who are in Grade 4 ballet and above.  Improve your ballet technique.  Explore new dance styles.  Increase your flexibility and strength.  Dance every afternoon from 1:00pm-6:00pm with an open showcase of the work rehearsed presented to family on Friday.  Registration for the Junior Intensive has closed but if you missed the deadline, give us a call at 503-885-0545 or send us an email to junetaylor@earthlink.net and we will see if we can find a spot for you.


June Taylor’s School of Dance offers the perfect mix of daily intense dance training designed for intermediate and advanced ballet students.  Dancers must be 12 years old and should be at the Intermediate level and en pointe for two years for this intensive.  Registration has closed but we can put you on the waiting list if you missed the deadline.  This intensive finishes with a showcase at the World Trade Center Theater in downtown Portland on August 12th at 7:00pm – everyone is invited to come see all the wonderful things our dancers learn during this two week intensive.