In celebration of the RAD’s 100th Anniversary, JTSD students performed in a condensed demonstration of the RAD ballet syllabus, starting with Pre-Primary thru Grade 1 to 5, moving on to higher-level Grade 6, and concluding with the Vocational levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2. The performance concluded with a contemporary ballet piece choreographed by Royal Academy of Dance examiner Gillian Davis and performed by our senior-level dancers.

The filmed performance gives a glimpse into the progressions of the brilliantly formatted RAD teaching method that takes dancers from level to level. The RAD syllabus was devised and choreographed by exceptional luminaries in the international world of dance, from the past to the present. It is updated and revised every 12-to-15 years to keep in step with the ever-evolving art of dance.

Please enjoy watching two short excerpts from the performance.