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June Taylor’s School of Dance

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Fall semester classes with June Taylor’s School of Dance, an esteemed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) accredited school. Whether your little one is stepping into the dance world for the first time with Towards Ballet (ages 3-4), eager to explore in our Preprimary class (ages 5-6), or ready to flourish in our Primary class (ages 6-9), we offer a meticulously designed journey that nurtures their passion for dance. Our dedicated RAD-trained instructors introduce young dancers to the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, tailored for growing children. In each dynamic session they’ll develop movement skills, build strength, learn to balance, build flexibility, and musicality in imaginative ways.

Towards Ballet

Welcome to the enchanting world of ballet with “Towards Ballet” Fall Semester! Ignite your child’s passion for dance as they embark on a journey of grace, creativity, and growth. Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to be the perfect introduction to ballet for children aged 3-4, nurturing their innate love for movement and expression.

We understand the importance of a strong foundation. Our RAD-trained and highly qualified instructors provide a nurturing environment where your child will flourish both physically and mentally. Our engaging classes combine fundamental ballet techniques with imaginative storytelling, fostering motor skills, coordination, and balance while sparking their creativity

Why Choose Towards Ballet for Your Child?
  • Musical Exploration: Introducing musical concepts that enhance rhythmic understanding
  • Social Development: Learning to take turns, follow directions, and collaborate with peers.
  • Boost Confidence: Watch your child’s self-assurance soar as they excel in acquiring new skills
  • Path to Excellence: Setting the stage for future success in the Royal Academy Syllabus

Preprimary and Primary

These classes are wonderful for children who may or may not have previous dance experience. Preprimary (ages 5-6) and Primary (ages 5-9) introduce and follow the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum that has been specially designed for young growing children who are beginning dance. With each 45-minute weekly session, dancers increase their understanding of movement and space in creative ways that build strength, balance, flexibility, and musicality. Our Royal Academy of Dance certified teachers can determine the best class placement for your child in order to help them establish a solid foundation to grow from with confidence.


About Us

Since 1984, June Taylor’s School of Dance has been dedicated to providing excellent dance training to students starting at age three. Under the direction of internationally acclaimed June Taylor-Dixon, our R.A.D. accredited faculty nurture the talent of each individual student as they grow to reach their fullest potential. Students are given the opportunity to perform and grow in their self-expression, confidence, and love for dance in a personal, positive, and professional environment.

Discover the legacy of dance excellence at June Taylor’s School of Dance, where we’ve been inspiring young dancers since 1984. Join our dance family and watch your child shine – contact us today for more information!”

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