Returning Student Registration

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If you are a returning student, please login here to access your account before registering. This will prevent you from having to re-enter all of your contact information again. Please double-check your information and update it as it is necessary.



Registration for our Summer 2020 Term is now open.

Monday, June 22 through Saturday, August 1, 2020. (6 week term)

Due to the July 4th holiday, Saturday classes have been prorated to 5 weeks only.

Message from owner June Taylor-Dixon to current parents and students.

Dear Parents and Students,

Above is the schedule for our six week Summer 2020 Term which runs from Monday, June 22nd through Saturday, August 1st. Please note that most classes have been divided into two or sometimes three classes to avoid having more than six students in a class at one time.  We will be registering students on a first come first served basis. We apologize in advance if the class you choose is full and not available.

As we do each summer we are allowing prorating for planned absences. Please make sure you contact the office with the dates you are unable to attend and we will adjust the account before finalizing the registration. This is very important this year due to the limited space in each class. All absences must be reported at the time of registration in order to receive proration.

The smaller classes, increased teachers’ time and additional use of studio space, makes it impossible for us to offer any discounts this term. We do however intend to implement them in the Fall.

At this time we have not included any Tap and Jazz classes. They will be added back into the schedule in the Fall.

Since the students haven’t been able to take their exam to date, they will remain in the same level for the Summer 2020 Term. We are however introducing lots of new work into their classes and they are not being held back. Our hopes are that exams will take place in the early Fall, therefore we will be running their present syllabus for memorization. 

Unfortunately, we have decided it would be wiser to cancel the July Princess Camp and Dance Camp. We honestly just couldn’t find a way to run them safely.

We do however still intend to run the August Princess Camp and Dance Camp, plus the Junior and Senior Intensives. Registration is now open for these Intensives and Camps. In the case of cancellation, which we are hoping will not be the case, a full reimbursement will be guaranteed.


Before any registrations can be processed, it is mandatory for all families to sign the Participation Waiver attached below.

Attachment: COVID-19-Waiver-doc Updated June 9.pdf (203.4kB)

Please contact us with any queries or concerns you might have. We have also attached our policies and guidelines that will be followed in accordance with the Oregon Health Authorities.

Attachment: JTSD COVID reopening guidelines Version 5.pdf (74.6kB)

We are so excited for our reunion back in the studio and finally being able to dance together again.

Please feel confident that we will be taking ALL necessary precautions to keep your children safe.

Many, many thanks for your continued loyalty and support.

Miss June 



Summer Camp & Intensives open for registration!

Contact us at 503-885-0545 or for more information or to register.



If you want a printable copy of the Winter 2020 Term schedule, you can find them on the printable schedules page.



Receive a 50% discount on one class for one term if you refer a new student who registers and pays in full!

You may refer as many dancers and you’d like!

Make sure they say the name of the dancer who referred them upon registering.



Winter 2020 Term Details:

Families will receive 5% off their total tuition for attending 2-3 classes a week, 10% for 4-5 classes or 15% for 6 or more classes. There is also an additional early registration discount for those who register and pay in full by Saturday, December 21st, 2019.


When you register online,  you will receive a statement from us by email, indicating the total tuition owed.    If you have stored your credit card information in our secure vault, your card will be billed automatically.  You can also come into the office to pay, or call us at 503-885-0545 to provide credit card information.  You could also mail in a check along with your statement.  Please DO NOT email your credit card number to us – email servers are not secure ways to transmit that kind of information. Once you have registered, you can always log onto your account to check on payment status.

Our online system does not have the capability of deducting for multiple classes or early registration – submit your registration without payment and we will send you a statement with the appropriate deductions.  You can then pay by any of the methods listed above – if your credit card is stored in the vault, we will initiate the payment and you will receive a statement indicating your payment.

Students registered for the Junior or the Senior Intensive should be registered for classes during the Summer Term as the intensives will require you to be in shape and ready to dance!

A one-time $15 registration fee will be applied for all first time new students.