Safe, Caring, and Positive Atmosphere

My daughters’ lives have been positively impacted in so many ways since they started ballet and tap at JTSD. Miss June’s commitment to excellence can be seen everywhere in the studio; starting with the quality and professionalism of all the teachers. The attention to detail, focus, and discipline needed to master the art of dancing is perfectly balanced with a safe, caring, and positive atmosphere at all times.

– Parent of Primary and Grade 3 Dancers


“My daughters danced here for many years and loved it.  Many of their fellow dancers went on to become professional.  One of my daughters received her teaching degree from the Royal Academy of Dance.  Her training at June Taylor’s was fabulous!  Even better than the highly skilled training is the moral expectation.  As a parent, I took great comfort in knowing that the staff here are just as concerned about cultivating character as they are about protecting growing bodies and nurturing beautiful dancers. I especially appreciated June’s integrity. I highly recommend this school even if your child only wants to dance for the fun of it, because she/he will be associating with quality people.”

– Robin Whitaker


“I danced at June Taylor’s School of Dance for over ten years and taught there for five years after receiving a teaching degree from the Royal Academy of Dance. I have since moved to Utah for my husband’s job. I have taught now in several studios in Utah and even taught in Texas and have yet to see the same caliber of studio as June Taylor’s School of Dance. The teachers at June Taylor’s School of Dance are trained to teach dance and understand child development. Each class is run with the abilities and development of the age level at hand. This keeps the dancers healthy and does not push their bodies to do things that are not safe for them in the long run. The teachers also know how to make a class fun while getting the children to work their best. I learned so much about dance, class etiquette, and hard work while attending and teaching at June Taylor’s School of Dance. I highly recommend June Taylor’s School of Dance to anyone, whether they want to be a professional dancer or not.”

– Laura Green



Enrolling at June Taylor’s School of Dance has been one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. The dance instruction is the highest quality with attention to both skill and artistry as well as safety and etiquette. The instructors are so caring and completely committed to helping their students grow at all ages and levels of ability.

– Mother of new student